Monthly Archives: November 2015

Picobot 2

Overview Picobot 2 is an all-new design, but recognisably similar to the original Picobot. Here are some of the key hardware differences: Acrylic case for all models Built-in LIPO battery and smart charger USB interface for programming and charging Supports Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE) Supports Wifi using ESP8266 (NB. choice of Wifi or […]

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Assembling Picobot2

Assembling Picobot 2 Picobot2 has been designed to be easily assembled by children armed only with a small screwdriver. As long as you are gentle with the acrylic layers there should be no problems in assembly. If you find an acrylic layer is not fitting properly then either you have the wrong layer, or (layer […]

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