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Assembling Initio using RoboHAT

Using RoboHAT with Initio Click on any image to enlarge   You should already have followed the instructions for assembling the chassis here. In this section we will add the RoboHAT controller, the obstacle sensors, line sensors and the pan/tilt assembly with ultrasonic sensor. 1. Fitting the RoboHAT to the Raspberry Pi Screw one of […]

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RoboHAT – Robotics Controller for Raspberry Pi

Links for Various Resources for the 4tronix RoboHAT   See the bottom of this page for software library and downloads. ¬†Useful Links Purchase RoboHAT here Assembling Initio with RoboHAT Know your RoboHAT Clockwise from top left: 2-way screw terminal for DC Motor 1 (left motor if using the Python library) EEPROM containing the HAT information […]

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