Monthly Archives: November 2014

Agobo Robot for Raspberry Pi Model A+ (APB)

  AGoBo is the winning name – Suggested by @mcambelluni Mark will receive a complete AGoBo prototype, as well as the next iteration of the main PCBA.   Starting 29th November 2014 and finishing 1st December, we are running a Twitter based competition to choose a product name for this new robot, codenamed APB01   […]

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Soldering the UltraSonic & LED PCB Kit

UltraSonic & LED PCB Kit This kit makes it easy to mount a standard SR-HC04 ultrasonic sensor on the front of a robot. The sensor itself is soldered to the PCB which acts as a carrier, additionally having M3 mounting holes at various spacings. The board also carries 4 LEDs with the necessary series resistors […]

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First Information for Picobot – Swarm Robots perhaps

Some early Info About the Picobot Robotics Project   I’ve been working on and off for a while on a small robot because: I want to make available a really cheap programmable robot for schools I would like to make one that can communicate with other robots, detect them and interact with them If they […]

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