Monthly Archives: March 2015

iBoost64 – What is It?

iBoost64 Overview iBoost64 is a little board to boost input signals and electrically clean them up. It is designed solely for use with the Pirocon2 Pirocon2 has 8 bi-directional pins that determine the direction (input or output) using the strength of the drive signal applied to them. We have found that some sensors have insufficient […]

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SmartBadge – Flashing Pixels and Games for Geek Events Designed in conjunction with Amy Mather @MiniGirlGeek SmartBadge is a wearable that you can program to display patterns orĀ  messages, play games or just to blind anyone who comes too close 19 super-bright, full-colour individually addressable RGB neopixels arranged in hexagonal rings allow you to make […]

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PlayHAT – Learn While Playing on Raspberry Pi Purchase PlayHAT here PlayHAT is a ready-assembled educational learning board with 9 full-colour neopixel LEDs with 4 big coloured buttons and a beeper It is a great way to start learning about use of GPIO in either Python or Scratch. It’s very easy to program; use the […]

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