PlayHAT – Learn While Playing on Raspberry Pi

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PlayHAT is a ready-assembled educational learning board with 9 full-colour neopixel LEDs with 4 big coloured buttons and a beeper

It is a great way to start learning about use of GPIO in either Python or Scratch. It’s very easy to program; use the python library or broadcast the ScratchGPIO message to set the LEDs to the colours and brightness that you want. The buttons and beeper can also be read easily in your software – each button is represented by a separate input pin. Switch the pin high and the beeper will sound.

The LEDs are in a 3 x 3 Matrix allowing:

  • Randomising Dice
  • Traffic Light simulator
  • Simon game—remembering sequences)
  • Use the full matrix for cool flashing patterns!

ScratchGPIO already supports PlayHAT in the development version.

To drive the neopixels in Python you can install our demo files from the 4tronix PlayHAT GitHub