Pizazz Low Cost Robotic Vehicle for Raspberry Pi


Pizazz – A Robot Vehicle for your Pi, Complete with Sensors and Optional WiFi


All true robots need some form of input sensors and outputs as well as motors, so we have created this ultra-cheap but full featured robot for your Raspberry Pi. Just look at some of the features:

  • Crystal Clear Pizazz chassis in 3mm acrylic plate
  • 2 pre-wired 48:1 geared motors, complete with noise suppression capacitors
  • No soldering, glueing or adhesive pads etc. All items simply plug or screw together
  • Fully assembled MicRoCon2 controller board – Optional Extended Header if required (select during purchase)
  • Low drop out voltage regulator to safely power your Pi and keep the power separate from the motors. No requirement for two separate battery packs
  • Custom designed 4tronix ultrasonic and LED PCB for easy fitting of the ultrasonic distance sensor and provide 4  individually controllable output LEDs
  • LEDs can be driven directly using Python or ScratchGPIO commands
  • InfraRed line sensors with adjustable positions
  • Wifi dongle (optional)
  • 6-cell battery holder
  • On-Off switch
  • All the wires, screws and mountings required
  • We also offer an optional SD card pre-loaded with ScratchGPIO, VNC, Python and example files in Pyhon and ScratchGPIO so you can get going straight-away
  • All you need to provide is the Raspberry Pi and the batteries

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