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PiRoCon Robotics Controller for Raspberry Pi – Connect & Use

PiRoCon Robotics Controller NB. V1.2 PiRoCon controller is now shipping. This has a few minor changes and needs to use the addon name “PiRoConB” in Scratch GPIO 4 onwards to work correctly. Nomenclature All connections are referenced by the pin number on the GPIO connector. Most also show the name of the signal as normally […]

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PiRoCon Robotics Controller for Raspberry Pi – Assembling

PiRoCon Robotics Controller Kit   Features The PiRoCon is a controller board for motorised robots. It plugs directly on top of a Raspberry Pi and can be firmly attached using the included pillar and screws (Rev B Pi only). It is designed specifically to drive the 4tronix Initio robot, but it is flexible enough to […]

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#FreePiStuff – Sensor Shield

#FreePiStuff No.1 Pi-Sense 0.3 Prototype Kit ** THIS OFFER IS NOW CLOSED *** What is it? This a proto-type version of the upcoming 4tronix PiRoCon robotic controller board – which will be very different from this board (this one doesn’t include motor drivers for a start). This was the first design committed to a PCB, […]

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