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“QUARK” – First Views

“QUARK” – Overview and Description (Click any image to enlarge) Now updated to include V0.2 Version 0.2 “Button”, “Blinkies” and underside of “Proto” v0.1 Top side v0.1 under side Specification Processor: ATMega328P-AU Clock Speed 16MHz Fully compatible with Arduino Uno USB Interface: CH340G Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion LIR2032 (3.6V nominal) Diameter: 28mm (v0.1 was 27.25mm) […]

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Gecko – The Friendly Flashy Codable Wearable Computer

Gecko: Have flashy, blinky fun while coding! The new wearable, codable computer that is fully compatible with the Arduino UNO programming environment Purchase from our shop here Learn how to: Flash LEDs Change to all the colours of the rainbow (and more) Listen for button presses and react how you want   What is Gecko? […]

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SmartBadge – Flashing Pixels and Games for Geek Events Designed in conjunction with Amy Mather @MiniGirlGeek SmartBadge is a wearable that you can program to display patterns orĀ  messages, play games or just to blind anyone who comes too close 19 super-bright, full-colour individually addressable RGB neopixels arranged in hexagonal rings allow you to make […]

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