Monthly Archives: May 2016

PiStep2 Dual & Quad Stepper Controller for Raspberry Pi

PiStep2 Stepper Controllers for Raspberry Pi PiStep2 is the new (May 2016) release of PiStep which has been a standard stepper motor controller for Raspberry Pi for a couple of years. PiStep2 changes the GPIO header to a 40 pin version, compatible with all Raspberry Pis since B+. This includes A+, B+, 2B, 3B and […]

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Ar2Pi2 – Dual Mode Robot – Arduino vs Raspberry Pi

Ar2Pi2 – The Robot That Can be Arduino or Raspberry Pi (Previously known as BotZero) Click on any photo to enlarge. Ar2Pi2 as an Arduino Uno compatible robot   Ar2Pi2 as a Raspberry Pi robot   Overview Ar2Pi2 is a tiny robot that fits well inside the boundaries of an A6 sheet of paper (148 […]

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