Monthly Archives: May 2015

Understanding the Number Crumb

How the Number Crumb Works The Number Crumb is designed to provide a simple display output for your Crumble. At this time, there is no native display for the Crumble and you have to give indications via the 4 outputs on the Crumble – perhaps lighting LEDs or sounding a buzzer. The Number Crumb, however, […]

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Assembling Pi2Go

Assembling Pi2Go Pi2Go is the pre-soldered big brother of the popular Pi2Go-Lite kit. Assembly is simply a matter of screwing together and plugging connectors. Overview of Steps Fit the front caster and line following assembly Fit the mounting pillars for your chosen Raspberry Pi Attach the motors Fit the Raspberry Pi Fit the battery box […]

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Crumbs for Crumble Controller

Crumbs – Addon Components for your Crumble Controller Purchase the Crumbs Here Also check out our Crumble Starter Guide Download a PDF of this guide complete with Code examples from here. ┬áStyle of Crumb Analog input: These Crumbs are coloured Yellow and provide a continuously varying input for the Crumble which can be read and […]

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