Step 1: Fit servo horn to Pan brackets (prepare parts)
Right side Pan bracket, Servo horn, 2 x small screws (some horns will need trimming to size - just snip off the ends)
NB: We have found that the hole in the black bracket sometimes has some plastic flashing inside which can prevent the servo horn fitting. Clean off this flashing with a sharp craft knife or similar so that servo horn fits smoothly inside. If you simply force it, the plastic housing may split
Step 2: Showing inside of bracket after mounting servo horn
Step3: Showing outside of bracket after mounting servo horn
NB. Some screws are slightly longer and protrude. It is better to file the ends down so there are no sharp edges
Step 4: Assemble Pan brackets and servo (Prepare Parts)
Right side pan bracket, Left side Pan bracket, servo, long self-tapping screws
 Step 5: Complete Pan assembly
Step 6: Attach base (Prepare servo horn)
Base part, large cross-shaped servo horn
Step 7: Cut down servo horn to fit snugly in base
Remove longest arms with side cutters (or nail clippers). Fit to base with short self-tapping screws
Step 8: Mount Pan assembly into Base (Prepare parts)
Servo horn screwed into base, servo horn screw, Pan assembly
Step 9: Showing screws holding servo and servo horn to base
Step 10: Fit servo to Tilt bracket (Prepare parts)
Tilt bracket, servo, 2 x nuts and bolts (NB Brass spacers only needed for black metal gear servos)
Step 11: Screw servo to bracket as shown. Do not over-tighten
Ensure servo output shaft is directly in line with hole in opposite side bracket
NB. Only use the brass spacers if using the black metal gear servos. For blue servos, screw the servo directly onto the bracket
Step 12: Fit Tilt assembly to Pan assembly (Prepare parts)
Pan assembly, Tilt assembly, servo horn screw
Step 13: Completed assembly