Code Samples (Sketches)
  • Examples User Guide - A Printable document detailing the official Arduino examples
  • Rangefinder (displays distance to nearest object on LCD)
  • Humidity (sends humidity data to the Arduino serial monitor)
  • DHT11 Library (required for humidity and logger sketches)
  • 4-Sensor Datalogger (Displays Temperature, Humidity, Light-Level and state of Tilt Sensor) - DON'T FORGET TO USE THE DHT11 library (above)
  • Stepper Motor 1 (moves clockwise and anticlockwise repeatedly)
  • Stepper Motor 2 (Checks 2 switches and moves clockwise if one is pressed, anticlockwise if the other is pressed)
  • Light Follower (Uses 2 LDRs and a Stepper Motor to follow a light source)
  • 7-Segment Displays (Counts upwards on all segments of 2, 3 or 4 digit displays)
  • Matrix Animation (draws a running LED patterns on the 8x8 matrix LED display)
  • Text Display (displays text characters - any character really - on the 8x8 matrix LED display)
  • Shift Register Demo (displays text characters on 8x8 matrix using two shift registers and achieves multiple colours)
  • IR Remote Demo (Displays on an LCD module, the keycode of buttons on the remote)
  • LightFollower2D (Uses 4 LDRs and a Pan&Tilt mechanism to track light with 2 Degrees of Freedom)
  • Knob2 (Uses two potentiometers to set the position of both servos in a Pan&Tilt mechanism)
Robotic Sketches
  • Magic01 basic test code for the 2WD Magician chassis
  • Magic02 light follower using the 2WD chassis
  • Magic03 uses the ultrasonic distance sensor and pan-tilt mechanism to avoid obstacles
  • Robot01 basic test code for the 4WD Pirate chassis
  • Robot02 adds PWM speed control and obstacle detection
  • Robot03 for the 4WD Pirate chassis to follow light using the pan/tilt mechanism
  • initio_01 basic test code: simply moves initio back and forwards and spins
  • initio_02 uses PWM to control the speed and create smooth turns
  • initio_03 shows how to use the speed sensors to move accurate distances
  • initio_04 uses the obstacle sensors to avoid obstacles
  • initio_05 adds a light-follower function using LDRs mounted on the Pan/Tilt (Connect one end of each LDR to 0V, the other ends to A0..A3)