The Dagu Magician chassis is a lightweight, acrylic framed Robotics Platform
The Dagu Magician is an entry-level system that can be up and running within minutes.  It comprises 2 acrylic plates, 2 motors with micro-gear gearboxes and wheels and all the mounting hardware required.
Because it only uses 2 motors, it is very frugal on battery consumption and is very fast to turn. This unit is ideal for maze-running and line-following applications.
Our miniature Pan & Tilt assembly can be fitted directly to it using the holes provided, so you can easily add manipulation or search and find functions to the basic chassis.
Mounting hardware provided can be used for the Arduino and a Motor shield can be used to control the motors and the servos.
The photo to the left shows the complete kit available in our shop comprising:
  • Dagu Magician chassis
  • Arduino Uno
  • Motor Shield
  • Pan & Tilt assembly
  • Mini Breadboard to mount on the Pan & Tilt
  • Ultrasonic sensor
Sketch >Magic01< moves forwards, backwards, spins left and spins right. Basic test code to check the motors are working correctly
Sketch >Magic02< uses light sensors to follow the brightest light source
Sketch >Magic03< demonstrates this robot moving forwards until it comes close to an object. It then moves the sensors left and right to determine the best way to move away from the obstacle.