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4tronix Minibot
Brand: 4tronix
Description: A simple robot driven by 2 stepper motors and using a breadboard-Arduino and 2 light sensors to follow light
4tronix DIYbot
Brand: 4tronix
Description: A build-yourself robot using craft sticks, single wheel drive and servo-driven front wheel steering. Uses an ultra-sonic sensor to avoid obstacles
4tronix Unotron
Brand: 4tronix
Description: A production version of our popular DIYbot using laser-cut acrylic plates for the chassis instead of craft sticks. No gluing required

Dagu Magician
Brand: Dagu
Description: A 2-wheel drive robot with 2 gear-motors and wheels and a front caster. Acrylic plates for base and upper platform
DFRobot Pirate
Brand: DFRobot
Description: A 4-wheel drive robot platfrom with 4 gear-motors and wheels. Aluminium plates for base and upper platform. 
4tronix initio
Brand: 4tronix
Description: A 4-wheel drive robot platform in strong injection-moulded ABS. Mountings for Arduino UNO, Mega2560 processors as well as L298N motor driver board, IR obstacle sensors, pan-tilt assembly. Ready-built main chassis - no soldering required.
4tronix Hexatron
Brand: 4tronix
Description: A 6-legged (hexapod) walking robot using 3 micro-servos in each leg. Laser-cut acrylic legs and injection-moulded ABS main chassis.