Adding Shroud to Extended Headers



Extended headers on Raspberry Pi addon boards are a boon as they allow you to connect additional wires, or even another addon board in some situations. The problem is they tend to be relatively weak and can get bent over easily. Also, it is easy to plug things onto the extension shifted left or right by one or two positions – potentially causing catastrophic failures.

Simon Walters @cymplecy came up with the idea of adding a shroud around the extended header pins. This post shows you how to do it.



Step 1

Take a Raspberry Pi. Any Pi



Step 2

Plug on an Add-On board with extended headers. Here we are using the popular 4tronix PiDie 🙂



Step 3

Take a standard male 26-pin male box header



Step 4

Use a small pair of pliers to pull out all the pins. Pull them from the top upwards.



Step 5

Push the plastic box header shroud onto the PiDie’s extended header pins. Make sure it is pushed all the way down



Step 6

Now you can safely use the extended header pins. Here we plug on a PiGlow from Pimoroni as that uses different GPIO pins (I2C) than the PiDie



Caveat: With the box header I used, it is still possible to put the PiGlow in one pin to the left or right. Maybe there are box headers with less space at either side. However, at least it protects the pins and makes it much more obvious that the extra board is connected wrongly.