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Adafruit Wearable On/Off Switch with Leads

Adafruit Wearable Tactile On/Off Switch

Squeeze once to turn on, squeeze again to turn off! This clicky switch makes a great power switch or mode toggler. We like this switch because it's easy to embed in a seam for easily powering up/off wearable and fabric projects. Can handle up to 14V and 2 Amps! This is a really satisfying switch.
  • Length of wires: 117mm / 4.6"
  • Thickness: 8.4mm / 0.33"
  • Length: 18.2mm / 0.72"
  • Width: 15.43mm / 0.6"
  • Weight: 4.39g
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Model: TACTWEAR
  • Manufacturer: Adafruit

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