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  • Sparkles Baton - A chain of 8 Sparkles for Crumble (SPRKBATON)
    Sparkle Baton
    A row of 8 full-colour LEDs (“Sparkles”), on one PCB, with croc-clip friendly connections at each end.

    The colour of each LED can be set individually by the Crumble and the “power-in” and “power-out” connections at each end mean the batons can be chained together, with up to 4 batons controlled by 1 Crumble
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  • Crumble Controller (CRUMBLE)
    The Crumble is a cheap, easy-to-use electronics controller. A few ‘croc’ leads and a USB cable are all you need to connect motors, LEDs and sensors and begin experimenting. No programming experience is required as the FREE software is a graphical, drag-and-drop system inspired by MIT Scratch.

    See our QuickStart Guide for Connectivity and Programming Suggestions

    Download Crumble Software here

    Crumble Getting Started Guide

    The Crumble is an easy-to-use programmable controller. It can drive 2 motors forwards and backwards at variable speeds. It has 4 IO (Input/Output) pads which allow connections to switches, LDRs, low power LEDs and so on.

    Basic Connections

    The Crumble has been designed to encourage tinkering, using ‘croc leads’ for quick and simple connections. Pads allow terminal blocks to be fitted or a direct solder connection made, while the larger 4mm holes make an easy target for conductive thread and needle.

    Crumble with croc leads

    The Crumble software runs on PC, Mac and, in the near future, Linux (including the Raspberry Pi). Inspired by MIT Scratch, programs are simply built by snapping blocks together on screen. Sending a program to the Crumble is almost instant, allowing rapid experimentation.

    The Crumble can be extended with digitally controlled full-colour LED, called Sparkles. Additionally, several expansions board (Crumbs) are also in the works.

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  • Sparkles (Strip of 5) LEDs for Crumble Controller (SPARKLE5)

    These LEDs can be set to any colour by the Crumble. They connect to the ‘Power Out’ pads and to ‘D’. Each Sparkle has its own power in and out connections so can be chained together (up to 32 LEDs long). The colour of each Sparkle can be individually controlled by the Crumble.

    Supplied on a strip of 5, which need to be snapped apart.

    Purchase 5 or more strips and they will be supplied in panels of 25 sparkles (5 strips of 5) at a great price!

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  • Crumbliser Pack of 5 - Make your own Simple Crumbs for Crumble (CRMBLSR5)
    Crumbliser - Pack of Five
    Add croc-clip-friendly connection points to your own components.

    Each Crumbliser has 4 croc-clip and 5mm screw-terminal friendly connections. as well as 4 edge fingers with pin holes on 0.1" spacing which exactly match standard pin headers.

    The croc clip connections are connected on the PCB to the 4 edge fingers.

    If you attach a 4-way female header to the finger pin holes then you can immediately break-out 4 pins of a standard header (eg. Raspberry Pi GPIO) to croc clip connectors - very useful that!
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