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  • Arduino Project Handbook: Volume one: Complete Guide to Creating with the Arduino (BK-ARDPROJ)
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    This is the must have Arduino Project Handbook with 45 cool projects to create detailed in full colour.

    Every maker and tinkerer should own a copy!

    What is the Arduino Project Handbook?
    It's a full colour reference book for 45 exciting and practical projects for the Arduino Microcontroller. If you are reading this then you probably already have an idea of what the Arduino is. For those that don't, it's an inexpensive small computer that can be programmed to control endless creations limited only by your imagination.

    It's used by artists and makers to bring their creations to life. A lie detector, programmable rocket launcher, motion sensor alarm, reaction timer, electronic dice, keypad entry system, laser trip wire alarm, robot, Wireless ID card system, range finder and defusable bomb game are just some of the cool projects that this book will demonstrate how to build. All are easily achievable and have one thing in common - they use the power of the Arduino.

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  • Raspberry Pi User Guide 2e (Second Edition) (BK-PIUSR2)

    Product Description

    The essential guide to getting started with the Raspberry Pi ®

    The Raspberry Pi has been a success beyond the dream of its creators. Their goal, to encourage a new generation of computer programmers who understand how computers work, is well under way.

    Raspberry Pi User Guide 2e is the newest edition of the runaway bestseller written by the Pi’s co-creator, Eben Upton, and tech writer Gareth Halfacree. It contains everything you need to know to get the Pi up and running, including how to:

    • Connect a keyboard, mouse, monitor and other peripherals
    • Install software and configure your Raspberry Pi
    • Master basic Linux system administration
    • Set up your Raspberry Pi as a productivity machine, multimedia centre, or web server
    • Write programmes in Scratch and Python
    • Use the GPIO port and add-on boards to connect your Raspberry Pi for use in electronics projects

    Updated to cover the release of the Camera Board, the introduction of the Pi Store, NOOBS and much more, Raspberry Pi User Guide 2nd edition is the perfect companion for getting the most out of the computing phenomenon, the Raspberry Pi.

    Eben Upton is the co-creator of the Raspberry Pi board and the founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

    Gareth Halfacree is a freelance technology journalist, open source advocate and erstwhile sysadmin.

    NB. No VAT is applied to this book
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