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Picobot2 - Cool, Smart Robot for Kid-Friendly Learning and Coding


Kid-Friendly, Low-Cost, Educational, Feature-Rich, Programmable Robot

Got a budding geek? There is nothing more exciting than a fully programmable robot to capture the imagination and learn the skills of coding robot building

Build, Play, Learn

Within a few minutes of opening the box you will have assembled the Picobot2 and will have it running around performing its built-in actions.
  • Build your own robot with kid friendly, easy steps to assemble the complete robot - 4 screws, push on the wheels and off you go!
  • Play with the built-in example programs to follow lines, seek out light sources, avoid obstacles or stay close to you
  • Learn coding by extending the example programs using the full-featured library

Included Examples
  • Line following
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Light seeking
  • Light avoiding
  • Colour reaction to environment Light vs Distance, Colour vs Light received, etc
  • Follow my leader (pulse the rear LED and get second Picobot to follow a pulsing white light)
  • Stay fixed distance from object/person - eg. get it to follow you around

Base Model Comprises All you Need to get Going
  • Ready assembled circuit board with motors and lots of sensors - pre-programmed with examples
  • Acrylic case - 4 screws to fit it together
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wheels
  • USB cable for charging and programming

Technical Specification
  • Arduino UNO compatible ATMega328P-AU
  • 2 x N20 geared motors with "biscuit" 42mm diameter wheels
  • 400mAh rechargeable (Lipo) battery
  • 2 front light sensors
  • 2 line sensors
  • 2 fully independently controllable RGB LEDs underneath for mood lighting and status information depending how you want to program them
  • Integrated smart battery charger with LED status indicators. Charges the battery intelligently and switches off the charging when complete
  • Mode selection button - general purpose input button that you can program yourself
  • On - Off switch
  • Reset button
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor HC-SR04
  • 5V boost regulator to keep the Ultrasonic going right to the end of the battery life

Available Options - Factory Fit Only:
  • Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy BLE) module using Nordic nRF51822 chipset
  • Wifi module using the ESP8266 chipset
  • Only one module can be fitted as they both use the same physical and electrical connections
  • The Wifi module uses a lot of power and so will significantly reduce the battery life between charges
  • Note that the Bluetooth and WiFi modules are not supported in the Picobot2 library directly and there are no specific Smartphone apps, but examples are available showing how they can be used

For getting started, assembly, programming and fun ideas, please see

  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Model: PB2x-xx
  • Manufacturer: 4tronix

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