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Pi2Go-Lite Fully Integrated Robot Kit for Raspberry Pi

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Soldering service is not available for this product
(Please consider the Pi2Go if you do not want to solder..)

Intermediate level soldering skills required for the kit. Not recommended for beginners

Supports all models of Raspberry Pi

An excellent all-in-one 2WD robot that comes complete with a multitude of sensors, runs off a single set of AA batteries and can be soldered and assembled in 90 minutes (depends on skill level and care taken! It is more important to get it right than build it fast).

Can be built for both Raspberry Pi Model A/B or for Model A+ or B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. Simply change the mounting pillars to swap from one type to another

Have a look at the features:
  • No separate chassis - everything is connected to the  main circuit board
  • 5V switching regulator that can supply a fully loaded Pi as well as all the motors etc. on the Pi2Go
  • 2 DC motors with either high 120:1 gear ratio (100rpom, more control, less speed) or the standard 48:1 gear ratio (240rpm, less control, more speed)
  • 2 x IR Obstacle sensors with indicator LEDs – detect objects within 10cm
  • 2 x IR line sensors with indicator LEDs - program the Pi2Go to follow lines
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor - measure the distance to objects in front
  • Push button – non-dedicated switch use in you programs to change mode, switch off, or whatever you want
  • 2 pairs of white LEDs - can use software PWM to vary the brightness
  • 2 servo outputs - useful for driving the add on Pan/Tilt assembly
  • A python library module is available with some example programs
    • Move motors forwards, backwards, spin left/right or do sweeping turns
    • Read the values from all the IR sensors (On or Off)
    • Read the distance using the ultrasonic sensor
    • Read the value of the switch
    • Set the white LEDs on or off (vary brightness)
    • Set the position of each servo
  • ScratchGPIO version 6 and later fully supports Pi2Go-Lite

  • Main PCB 110 x 80mm
  • Wheels 65mm diameter
  • Assembled size approx: 155 x 140 x 90mm (L x W x H)

Visit the Pi2Go website for build details, software downloads and news updates

Also see The Raspberry Pi Guy's video tutorials

Optional Extras:
Wheel sensors. For accurate movement - straight lines and set angles, then wheel rotation sensors are a must. This addon pack comprises 2 wheel encoder discs to fit inside the main wheels, two IR reflectance sensors, a jumper block and 2 resistors. Software in both python and ScratchGPIO makes use of the 16 pulses per revolution to travel fixed distances etc.

Pan & Tilt Kit for Raspberry Pi Camera. This kit comprises 5 small PCBs, 2 servos, 20cm camera cable, screws and pillars. This enables you to build: a) Fixed camera mount, b) Camera mount with simple panning left and right or c) Camera mount with both pan and tilt capability. Again, both the python library and ScratchGPIO  fully support this feature. The Pan Tilt kit is available with either standard (plastic gear) servos, or with carbon fibre gear servos (Camera is not included).
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Model: PI2GO-L
  • Manufacturer: 4tronix

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