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4tronix MicRoCon V3 Kit Motor Robot Controller for Raspberry Pi


MicRoCon - Budget Robotics Controller Kit for Raspberry Pi

Programming is fully supported in both Python and Scratch GPIO

Now upgraded to use an efficient switching regulator: Much cooler and more resilient than a linear regulator and batteries last longer

Simple soldering required - Switching regulator is pre-soldered - Soldered version also available

MicRoCon V3 is a robotics controller for your Raspberry Pi based mobile robot based on the larger PiRoCon board from 4tronix. It has many of the same features but in a smaller form facter and without the 3.3V to 5V bidirectional level shifters, etc.

  1. 5V 1.7A switching regulator to power the robot and the Pi from 6V to 9V batteries (pre-fitted)
  2. Dual H-Bridge driver to drive 2 DC motors (or 2 sets of 2 if using paired motors on each side of the robot)
  3. All GPIO signals have 3-pin connectors (power, ground and signal)
  4. 4-pin male header to directly plug in an Ultrasonic distance sensor. Only uses a single pin on the Raspberry Pi GPIO
  5. 2 of the GPIO connectors are 5V Output-ONLY and can be used as servo drivers. Do not connect 5V inputs/sensors to these
  6. A 6-pin I2C breakout header is included with 5V, 3.3V and Gnd connections
  7. All of this is directly supported in Scratch GPIO 4 onwards using the same addon board definition as PiRoCon "piroconB" - many thanks to Simon Walters for some excellent work
  8. Optional extended header to all access to other GPIO pins easily
See here for assembly and instructions as well as sample code

Download and install Scratch GPIO from @cymplecy

NB. Raspberry Pi, Initio and Sensors are Not Included

  • Model: MicRoCon3
  • Manufacturer: 4tronix

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