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PiRingo 12 LEDs 2 Switches Add-on GPIO Board for Raspberry Pi

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Round and round she goes. Where she stops, nobody knows!

The PiRingo from 4tronix is a new and fun add-on board for the Raspberry Pi, with five different designs or you can design your own. Great for bringing children and newcomers into programming with demo software in both Python and Scratch.

Now with a new "Floodlight Design" - All LEDs are Suberbright White. You may need sunglasses.

The PiRingo is delivered as a kit with very simple soldering required to build the complete board. Every PiRingo has 12 LEDs of various colours and 2 switches. Although we are specifying 5 designs, there is no reason why you cannot design your own. Let us know what designs you come up with!

As well as the LEDs, switches, GPIO header and resistor networks, we also include an 11mm metal spacer and screws so you can fix the board securely to your Raspberry Pi. This is really important when the children are pressing the switches, or the board can move around and damage connectors.

Buy 10 or more and get a great discount - you'll get some of each design unless you tell  us different

Visit here for build instructions and example code.

Here is our video from the Kickstarter campaign:


1. Christmas Wreath (aka Traffic Lights)

4 Red LEDs, 4 Yellow LEDs and 4 Green LEDs. Why not make a program that simulates traffic lights or a pelican crossing?


2. Ice Blue

6 Blue LEDs and 6 White LEDs. Ideal for chasing games. You can even have a 2 player game where one person controls the white LEDs and the other controls the Blue LEDs. Great festive fun!


3. Holly and Ivy

6 Green LEDs and 6 Red LEDs. As with the Ice Blue this one is ideal for chasing lights as well as Stop and Go simulations


4. Mistletoe and Wine

4 Red LEDs and 8 White LEDs. You could simulate a simple clock with a solid LED representing the hour and a flashing LED representing the minute hand. Probably best to run it slightly faster, using minutes and seconds! We use this one as a reaction test: one player starts the LEDs moving and the second player has to stop it on the topmost LED. If they succeed, then it goes again - but faster!


5. Fairy Lights

3 Blue LEDs, 3 Red LEDs, 2 Yellow LEDs, 2 Green LEDs and 2 White LEDs. Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are!



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  • Model: PIRINGO
  • Manufacturer: 4tronix

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