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  • Pre-Installed SD Card for Raspberry Pi 8GB with Scratch GPIO (SD8GPIO)
    A great way to get started with 4tronix Raspberry Pi add on boards and robotics

    A fast Class 10 8GB micro-SD card with standard SD adaptor so the card will fit in any model of Raspberry Pi from the very first release to the latest 3B and A+ models

    Card Contents are regularly updated and will contain the latest version (unless it is a very recent change) of the following:
    • Raspbian Jessie
    • ScratchGPIO
    • TightVNC server auto-starts so you can connect remotely (password is "4tronix")
    • Examples and libraries in Python for various 4tronix products
    • Examples in ScratchGPIO for various 4tronix products

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  • 6V Geared Motor, 1:48, 240RPM Single Shaft (GRMTR48-240)
    6V DC Geared Motor

    As used in many simple 2WD robots
    • 48:1
    • Single shaft
    • Nominally 6V operation
    • Approx 240rpm at 6V
    This motor is also available with a 2-pin JST 2mm connector attached, with capacitor across the motor terminals and heat shrink covering.
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  • 2 x AAA Battery Holder with Switch and 2-Pin JST for MicroBit (BBOXMBIT)
    Battery Holder for Use with BBC Micro:Bit

    This enclosed holder for 2 x AAA batteries comes with an on/off switch and 2-pin JST connector for plugging directly into the Micro:Bit. Ideal for simple use of Micro:Bit on the move
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  • L298N Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Module (L298N)
    Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Board
    This unit is an ideal board from driving the motors in our Initio robot platform and fits the mounting points exactly
    • Max input voltage: 46V
    • Peak output current (each Channel): 3A
    • DC max output current (each Channel): 2A
    • It is possible to parallel the two outputs to get higher currents
    • Separate LEDs for each direction and for each channel
    • Power LED
    • Power switch so you can get everything working before applying power to the motors
    • On board 5V regulator with separate output for powering other devices (this is not used to drive the motors)
    • Specification available <<HERE>>
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  • Edge Connector for BBC Micro:Bit (Microbit) (HDRMBIT)

    Edge Connector for BBC Micro:Bit

    The standard through-hole edge connector for use with the BBC Micro:Bit.
    The edge connector has 40 pins on either side at 1.27mm pitch, which translates to the 20 "actual" pins on the Micro:Bit

    This is the same connector used in our Bit:Bot, Robo:Bit and Bit:2:Pi products

    View PDF Datasheet here
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  • Custom Extended 40-pin 2x20 Female Header for Raspberry Pi (HDR2X20C)
    Specially Made Extended Female Header for Raspberry Pi

    We have had this header made with square pins instead of the normal flat pins so they can be used to push through the standard low-profile GPIO headers on addon boards and

    These were made especially for our Basic Building Blocks range of boards.
    • RoHs
    • Gold-plated connections
    • 2.54mm pitch
    • Legs: 12.1mm long, 0.6mm square pins
    • Body: 11mm
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  • 2 x AAA Battery Holder with 2-Pin JST for MicroBit (BBOXMBITA)
    Open Battery Holder for Use with BBC Micro:Bit

    This open holder for 2 x AAA batteries comes with a 2-pin JST connector for plugging directly into the Micro:Bit. Ideal for simple use of Micro:Bit on the move.
    We also have a battery holder with on/off switch
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  • 12mm Flat/Square 5V Digital RGB LED Pixels Strand of 50 WS2801 Waterproof IP65 (LED50-2801-5A)

    12mm Flat/Square 5V Digital RGB LED Pixel String - Waterproof IP65

    NB. Photos show shorter strand, but this strand has 50 LEDs

    RGB Pixels are digitally-controllable lights you can set to any color, or animate. Each RGB LED and controller chip is molded into a 'dot' of silicone. The dots are weatherproof and rugged. There are four flanges molded in so that you can 'push' them into a 12mm drill hole in any material up to 1.5mm/0.06" thick. They're typically used to make outdoor signs. These pixels are round, but we also have some with a flat square back. It affects mostly the way the wires lie and the colour of the wires!

    The pixels are connected by a 4-conductor cable. +5V (Red), Ground (Yellow), Data (Green) and Clock (Blue). Data is shifted down from one pixel to the next so that you can easily cut the strand or attach more onto the end.

    Each dot is digitally controlled, with an internal 8-bit PWM LED driver (24-bit color for 16 million different shades). The pixels must be clocked by a microcontroller, we have an example code linked below that works on an Arduino, it should be simple to adapt it to any other microcontroller.

    The pixels use 8mm diffused RGB LEDs, with a 120 degree beam width. The total max brightness of all LEDs is about 1600mcd but with the light more evenly distributed & mixed than a clear LED. (Please note: mcd ratings of LEDs are notoriously inflated by most LED sellers, so be extra-skeptical when reviewing LED ratings!)

    Sold by the strand, each strand has 50 pixels in series! Each strand has two JST SM 4-pin connectors so you can connect multiple strands in a row, as many as you wish, just watch for how much current they want. We now have LED pixel strands with the power wires (Red & White) spliced out so its really easy to connect 5VDC.

    You can drive these with an Arduino using any two microcontroller digital pins, check this library which also has example code to demonstrate the strands and be sure to read Adafruit's detailed tutorial on usage!

    You can also download the FastSPI library and our Chaser.ino sketch. Connect the Data wire (Blue) to Pin 11 and Clock (Green) to Pin 13 as well as Power and Ground

    • 12mm diameter (0.45") 75mm deep (1.5")
    • 80mm / 3" apart between each pixel
    • 50 pieces per string
    • These pixels use a WS2801 chip for full 24 bit color
    • 5V power, 60mA maximum per pixel (LED on full white)
    • Maximum current required 3A per string
    • 2-pin SPI-like protocol
    • Brightness: Red = 3.3 Lumens/300 mcd, Green = 10 Lumens/1000 mcd, Blue = 2.7 Lumens/300 mcd (mcd calculation based on full 120 degree beam)
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  • MeArm - The Robot Arm taking the world by storm (MEARM)
    The MeArm is a fantastic, low-cost and easy to build robotic arm with a natty little gripper. It comes complete with all the fixings and 4 servos you need to assemble it.

    All the files for the MeArm are open-source so if you fancy building one for as little money as possible, please give it a go.

    The latest version is a stable base model and that's what you see here today. It ships with all the acrylic parts you'll need as well as all of the fixings and four hobby servos.

    The most recent instructions for the #meArm are available as a pdf and at instructables.com

    Our basic testing has involved driving the servos straight from an Arduino, using a simple shield and four 10k Ohm potentiometers. The code for that can be found in the MeArm Github

    Software exists for the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black and Espruino, as the MeArm community is amazing! 


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  • Wire Cutters and Strippers (TLWS01)
    A basic wire stripper and cutter for general hobby use:
    • Top Quality Material
    • Spring Return Handle
    • Tempered Steel Cutting Edge
    • Suitable for 10-30AWG Wire (0.5 - 4.0mm Wire)
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  • Stickvise PCB Vise (PCB Vice) (STVISE)

    Are you still looking for that perfect PCB holder? The low profile PCB Stickvise might be just the thing you need!

    In performing the simple task of holding a PCB near table level, the Stickvise is great because your hands can rest directly on the table, allowing you to steady yourself with minimal effort for fine soldering and probing. The Stickvise also fits easily under a microscope and keeps PCBs consistently in focus.

    Set the width slightly smaller than the size of your work-piece, compress the spring, slide your PCB into place, and release the springs. Easy, fast, and repeatable.

    While the design is simple, it doesn't limit you and is totally hackable. The nylon jaws that come with the vise hold a PCB 5mm or so from the shaft, giving you clearance for most layouts. If you need something a little taller, there are 3D printable designs on the site for taller jaws, jaws with slots to keep cables out of the way, and even High Temperature PTFE Jaws.


    • Hold your PCB flat -- give your arms a rest! Stickvise is not up in the air, it holds your circuit board flat so you can solder with stability at table level.
    • Simple design -- No half baked features or gimmicks, Stickvise just holds a circuit board in a simple, intuitive way.
    • Hackable -- have a special application? 3D print custom jaw plates or choose from many more tested mods to make Stickvise work for your application.
    • Comes with one set of standard nylon jaws.
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  • PTFE Jaws for Stickvise (STJAWS)

    Are you concerned that your smokin' hot soldering skills will set your project alight? There is no more need to fear the heat! These High-Temperature PTFE Jaws are a great hack for your PCB Stickvise, keeping your board safe from incineration.

    Made from Teflon, their main advantage is high temperature resistance. You can take a hot soldering iron and touch it directly to the jaw plates without leaving a mark. Neat! Or should we say... ~cool~

    Does not include PCB vice.

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  • SMT Edge Connector for BBC Micro:Bit (Microbit) (HDRMBITS)

    Surface Mount Edge Connector for BBC Micro:Bit

    The standard SMT edge connector for use with the BBC Micro:Bit.
    The edge connector has 40 pins on either side at 1.27mm pitch, which translates to the 20 "actual" pins on the Micro:Bit

    This edge connector has posts at either end to locate it correctly into the

    View PDF Datasheet here
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  • GY-80 10 DOF IMU Module With L3G4200D ADXL345 HMC5883L BMP085 (GY-80)
    • Chips included on the board
      • L3G4200D (3-Axis Angular Rate Sensor)
      • ADXL345 (3-Axis Digital Accelerometer)
      • HMC5883L (3-Axis Digital Compass)
      • BMP085 (Barometric Pressure Sensor)
    • Built in regulator and logic converter to support  3.3V/5.0V microcontrollers
    • I2C Digital Interface
    • Module Size: 25.8 x 16.8mm mounting hole 3mm
    • Immersion Gold PCB process
    • Standard 2.54mm pin interface, plug straight into breadboards
    • Both Straight and Right-Angle headers included
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  • 9V DC Power Supply PSU for Arduino, TFT Displays, Etc (ARD-PSU)
    9V DC Power Supply with 2.1mm DC Jack

    This UK power supply is fully RoHS and CE compliant and has a 2.1mm DC Jack for plugging directly into the Arduino or the TFT screens
    • Output: 9V DC
    • Input: 230-254V AC (50-60Hz)
    • Output current: 550mA
    • Lead length: 1.5m
    • Polarity: Centre positive
    • Jack size: 2.1mm pin, 5.5mm barrel
    • Weight: 120g
    • Approvals: CE, CEC Level 5, GS, RoHS, UL/cUL
    • Plug style: UK (a 2-pin Euro converter will be included free of charge for countries that require it)
    • Supports: Arduino Uno, Leonardo, Mega2560, etc.
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  • Long 30cm Crocodile Alligator Test Leads. Ideal for Crumble - Pack of 10 (CROC10)
    Set of 10 Crocodile/Alligator Test Clips
    • 2 of each colour (Black, Red, Green, Yellow, White)
    • 30cm long
    • Ideal for use with Crumble
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  • Battery Clip for Arduino & 9V Battery (BATCLIP)
    Ideal for connecting a 9V battery to an Arduino Uno, Leonardo or Mega2560

    11cm end to end
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  • 2-Pin Mini Tact Switch 6mm square - Pack of 5 (TACT2)
    Pack of 5 mini Tact push button switches.

    These fit well into breadboards as the legs are straight and there is no confusion as to which way round they go as you get with the 4-pin switches.
    • Lead spacing 5.08mm (0.2")
    • Dimensions: 6 x 6mm
    • Push to make
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  • LM35DZ Analog Temperature Sensor (ARDLM35)
    ·  Sensing Accuracy Range: ± 0.4°C
    ·  Sensing Temperature Max: +100°C
    ·  Sensing Temperature Min: +2°C
    ·  Sensor Case Style: TO-92
    ·  Supply Current: 91.5µA
    ·  Supply Voltage Max: 30V
    ·  Supply Voltage Min: 4V
    ·  Operating Temperature Min: 0°C
    ·  Operating Temperature Max: 100°C
    ·  Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to +100°C
    ·  Output Voltage per °C: 10mV/°C
    ·  Sensor / Transducer Type: Temperature
    ·  Supply Voltage Range: 4V to 30V
    ·  Temperature Sensing Range: +2°C to +100°C
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  • Pack of 5 mini-LDR Sensors ()
    Pack of 5 mini LDR
    • Light Dependent Resistors
    • Light resistance down to 30K
    • Dark resistance up to 5M
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