Agobo Features Walk-Through

Agobo with Ultrasonic sensor, WiFi dongle and short USB cable added to standard build

(Agobo2 has the Raspberry Pi turned 90 degrees so that fitting the B+ and 2B is possible)

Agobo – The Hackable Pre-Built Robot for the Raspberry Pi A+

Base Build

  1. Pre-Built PCB with the following items pre-installed and ready to use
  2. 2 x Metal geared Motors
    1. Left motor on physical GPIO pins 19 and 21
    2. Right motor on physical pins 24 and 26
  3. Two InfraRed IR line sensors
    1. Left on physical pin 7 with Red indicator LED
    2. Right on physical pin 11 with Green indicator LED
  4. Two White LEDs at the front (Agobo v1 only. On Agobo2 these are replaced by full addressable RGB neopixels)
    1. Left on physical pin 15
    2. Right on physical pin 13
  5. Mode switch – or whatever you want to use it for on physical GPIO pin 16
  6. Ultrasonic uses physical pin 23 for BOTH Ping and Echo. Swapping the direction of this pin is handled within the python library and ScratchGPIO
  7. I2C pins broken out to 6-pin connector with 5v, 3.3V and Ground
  8. Serial pins connected to a convenient 4-pin male connector so serial console cables plug right in (includes power and ground)
  9. Fully replicated 40-pin GPIO connector and prototyping area with 5v, Ground and 3.3V strips for you to add your own sensors, LEDs, or whatever
  10. All other pins free to do what you want



  1. Lots more prototyping area
  2. Designed so ICs can fit in 4 different rows with easy access to 5V, Ground and 3V distribution lines
  3. A great way of adding any sort of electronics
  4. Use the Acrylic cover to safely protect your designs
  5. Physical GPIO pin 12 is brought to a pre-fitted neopixel which is directly controllable in python (and ScratchGPOIO??)
  6. Both the input and the output to the neopixel is brought to an expansion header so your pre-fitted pxiel can be in parallel with or in addition to the first pixel in your strip or ring of pixels
  7. All unassigned GPIO pins (as well as 5V, 3.3V and Ground) brought to a separate row of accessible pads
  8. A position for a standard nRF24L01+ module using SPI connections
  9. With the PlusPlateā„¢, the Agobo becomes infinitely hackable!